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This Page is intended for BUYERS purchasing at                        or anywhere outside of                                  This is an Optional service offered. 


What are the benefits of using a Car Buying Service?

Benefit  1  -  Saves you time                                                                                                                        

Your time is important.  A car buying service takes the time to find out your wants and needs.       
Much of this can be done online or in person.  We are experts at locating deals that you would
not find on your own.

Benefit  2  -  You get excellent advice

Car Buying Service can help with financing options or as many are cash buyers, trade-ins and
much more. Advise is unbiased and objective.

Benefit  3  - Less travel - Less hassle

Nothing worse then confrontational salespeople.  Hours running lot to lot and all that traffic.
Eliminate all the games and tricks.

Benefit  4  -  No hidden fees

With a Car Buying Service. No question on what you will pay exactly for the car you wish to own.
The Car Buying Service works on a flat fee, no guessing and no surprises.  On any qualifying                                               used car, the history can be check free through Autocheck

A Corvette purchase is an investment.  A Car Buying Service in your corner will help make your next                          Corvette a positive, fun, and exciting experience.


Consulting fees may vary depending on which services applied

* Research on Corvette model desired

* Inspection process including travel (50 mile radius Maricopa County)

* Negotiating a fair and current market value of selling Corvette

* To determine what are proper fees and taxes if any

* Paperwork required for correct title transfer to new owner

* Proper funds received or paid from seller to buyer so money transfer is secured for purchase

* Free  Autocheck  history report on all Corvettes when applicable

Fees start out at $325.00

Buy Now and Start Saving

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